How are you focusing on Environmental Sustainability? 

Good Thymes Garden is committed to doing the best by the planet as much as possible. By growing less than 42km from where we're selling we have reduced the supply chain by cutting out the middle stops. We use reused and recycled products where possible (such as in our flower bouquets or using old yogurt containers for seedlings) and do most of our packaging in paper bags (as bioplastics still produce waste that must be dealt with properly so it doesn't end up in a landfill). We have mulched our farm intensively to reduce soil erosion and increase water storage capacity, and the watering we do is done by drip line to get the water to the ground and reduce evaporation. We use no till practices to maintain the ecosystem in the top layer of soil and encourage root development, which also increases water storage capacity of the soil. If you need a bag at the market you will get a reusable bag that you can keep, return, or give to the reuse center of Edmonton. 


How are you reducing food waste? 

58% of food produced in Canada is wasted. To prevent our crops from going to waste we will drying herbs, flowers and whatever else possible, turning them into new products, as well as donating anything that can't be turned into new products to Leftovers YEG who will take our produce to those in need, or give to local producers to upcycle. 


What are you doing for the community?

Food Security is something that is close to our hearts. One in ten Alberta households are food insecure, and 40% of the Edmonton Food Bank users are children under 18. We can't fix this issue completely, but we do want to contribute what we can. That's why we will match every CSA box bought and donate it to a local partner (stay tuned for that), meaning that when you buy a box for your family, you will also be helping to feed another family! We also will provide pay as you may options, and a button donation program at markets (similar to Nook Café) where customers can buy a button and someone who needs it can redeem that button for a produce item. Leftovers YEG will also be taking foods that we cannot repurpose for donation to local partners. 


Can we tour the farm?

Unfortunately, due to our land lease we are unable to give farm tours. We respect the privacy and security of our leaser as it is not our property, and this will be unchanging in the near future.